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We are pleased to announce the partnership with PW Stoelting and LD Carlson

PW Stoelting is pleased to announce that LD Carlson Company has agreed to partner with Polar Ware as the centralized distribution center for the Polar Ware Home Brew Product line. LD Carlson has been a major wholesaler of winemaking and beer making equipment and supplies since 1970. The owners and staff at LD Carlson are excited to grow the business with their existing customer base and the newly added Polar Ware customers.

Our businesses will continue to provide the same high quality products and outstanding customer service on which we have built our reputations.

LD Carlson will add efficiency in the order process for your business. All orders for Polar Ware product will be placed and filled with LD Carlson. You will be able to bundle all your Polar Ware products with the extensive product lines offered by LD Carlson including premium beer making and winemaking products.

LD Carlson brings a passion and expertise to the marketplace that will benefit you. LD Carlson has an experienced in-market sales team and marketing professionals to assist you with promotions, marketing and product selection.

Visit the link below to view Polar Ware products on the LD Carlson website:

If you are not a current LD Carlson customer, please visit www.ldcarlson.com and click the Wholesale Inquiry tab. Fill out the Contact Request Form noting your interest in Polar Ware products and the knowledgeable sales staff from LD Carlson will contact you promptly to get your account established.

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LD CARLSON Contact Information

Customer Service Number:
      (800) 321-0315
Fax Number:
      (800) 848-5062
Customer Service Email Address: